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Once just a dream in the back of one woman’s mind, KiraGrace became a reality in Atlanta, Georgia. KiraGrace soon moved westward, making the beautiful San Diego, California its new home. Along the way, we at KiraGrace have learned the gift and importance of community. From our staff to our ambassadors, we cherish the invaluable hands that have teamed up with us to help build KiraGrace and further beauty, strength, and grace in every woman’s journey.

About KiraGrace and Our Founder

KiraGrace Global and Warrior Ambassadors

KiraGrace Pro Program

Beauty, Strength, and Grace Blogs

Rising Together Yoga Classes

Words for the Soul 14-Day Journey

Rising Together 60-Day Journey

Giving Back To The Community

We Believe in the Power of Women

Our purpose, which guides everything we do, is to inspire women to celebrate their beauty, strength, and grace. KiraGrace designs effortlessly elegant clothes for women on the move. High-quality, timeless, comfortable, and versatile apparel-so you feel beautiful and confident. Always. We make getting dressed the easiest part of your day.