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About Kira




Dear Beloved Community,

Many of you have inquired about the beginnings of KiraGrace. As the founder, I began this journey as a single parent, a path that was not without its challenges. My story is a tapestry of determination, resilience, and pursuing a life lived on my own terms. Looking back, I am grateful to the many women who have influenced and inspired me to create a brand that is not just a business but a reflection of our shared values, inspiration, and life experiences.

One of the most profound influences on me was my mother. Raised in an orphanage, my mother defied the odds, building a successful real estate business from the ground up. Witnessing her unwavering dedication and fierce work ethic left an indelible mark on me. From an early age, I was driven by a vision instilled in me by my mother: a vision of independence and self-sufficiency. Her guidance, alongside my father's insistence on the importance of education and hard work, propelled me forward.

With an MBA from the University of Michigan, I began a career in women's fashion, leaving my mark on successful product lines at Lucy Activewear, Victoria's Secret, and Gap. Over two decades, I had an enviable career, but that came with a high emotional price tag. I traveled too much, worked long hours, and was unavailable to my young daughter. As a single parent, I knew there must be a better way to provide for my family while combining my love of fashion and movement.

In 2013, KiraGrace was formally launched as an elevated activewear brand committed to giving back and a promise to use our success to positively impact the world. This belief has been at the core of our brand from the very beginning.

It is an honor to share KiraGrace with each of you. You are not just customers but vital partners in our mission. Your support and belief in our brand fuel my unwavering belief that together, we can inspire change, one empowered woman at a time. I am deeply grateful for your integral role in our journey.

With deepest gratitude,




At Kira Grace, movement isn't just about physical activity-it's the embodiment of the human spirit in motion. Kira brings this ethos to the brand by redefining movement as a celebration of beauty, strength, and grace. Embracing fabrics that move with you, KiraGrace elevates athleisure beyond mere clothing, crafting each piece to move with you, regardless of what the day brings.


Travel has always been a source of inspiration and enrichment for Kira, fueling her creativity and expanding her worldview. From the bustling streets of New York City to serene Portofino, each journey has left an imprint on her soul, shaping her perspective and influencing her designs. Kira's love of travel is evident in the diverse textures, patterns, and colors that adorn KiraGrace's collections, reflecting the rich cultures she has encountered along the way.


Empowerment is the cornerstone of Kira's vision for KiraGrace. Kira draws inspiration from her own upbringing, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of self-sufficiency and determination. This belief in the inherent strength of women permeates every facet of KiraGrace, from their all remote team of women to philanthropic initiatives aimed at supporting women's causes.