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Article: Warrior Playlist: Summer Romance

Warrior Playlist: Summer Romance

Warrior Playlist: Summer Romance


KiraGrace Workout Playlist: The WarriorThere's nothing that gets you going like the perfect playlist. The right song at the right moment can lift the human spirit to incredible heights. It can also help you bear that core-burning pose a minute or two longer. Here is a collection of our top twenty tunes that embody the heat and romance of summer. It may seem like a paradox to combine energetic songs into a practice that is all about quieting the mind, but we've found that putting a musically modern twist on an ancient tradition not only freshens up your practice, it can actually help get you out of your head. Slip into your favorite, fierce KiraGrace Warrior gear and get your body moving and your mind grooving with this ultimate playlist, perfect for a vigorous, upbeat flow. It feels good to be strong and kick ass!

Do you have any favorite songs that never fail to ease you through those Chaturangas and Downward Dogs? Make sure to leave any recommendations in the comments below so we can add them to our list!

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