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Article: The Power of Creating Meaningful Habits

The Power of Creating Meaningful Habits
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The Power of Creating Meaningful Habits


If you’ve ever felt stuck in place despite dreaming big, writing out your goals, and making a vision board, this is for you. There’s one mundane lever that does not come up in most articles about goals and dreams: habits. I think about habits a lot (for reasons I’ll get into in a moment), and I hope this article invites you to consider them more.


The Beauty of Habits

Habits make up the bulk of our days and steer our lives for better or worse. Habits are decisions that are already made. Doesn't that sound amazing? They free your mind so you no longer have to exert effort to decide. Habits happen millions of times every day of your life. 

They shape your life powerfully both here and now and into the future.

A Simple Example

Here’s a simple example: you want the habit of eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

The rules of creating a new habit include:

  • make it as simple as possible,
  • make it as convenient as possible,
  • and link it to something else you are already doing.

If you eat oatmeal every morning (link it to something else you already do), buy frozen fruit or pre-chopped fruit, or chop your fruit the moment you come home from the market. (Make it convenient). Make a sticky note reminder to tack onto the rolled oats if you need to (for the first week of this new habit). It will take less than 30 seconds to add the chopped or frozen fruit to your meal daily. (Make it simple).

With that, you are at least 20% closer to 5 servings a day.

Once that new habit is engrained, you can apply the “rules” (simplicity, convenience, linking) to help integrate the next serving of fruits and veggies in a way that works for you: maybe it involves Sunday meal prep, meeting lunch dates exclusively at the salad shop, or some smoothie that makes you excited for the mid-afternoon slump where you normally would have opted for caffeine (not that there’s anything wrong with caffeine!).

1. They Help In Achieving Goals.

If the example above doesn’t apply to you, consider some other aspect of your day that you would love to be more streamlined.

For me, I hated the feeling of dental floss digging into my fingers. I would dread it and “forget” to floss sometimes. Since I bought a Waterpik, I have not missed a day of flossing. With that $30 purchase, I made flossing more simple, and more convenient, and it already was linked with daily activity (brushing my teeth). I even took the device on vacation with me.

I no longer dread this basic act of self-care.

2. They Impact Your Health.

Health is an area where habits have an outsized influence. As you may know from follow-up stories about people who got in the best shape of their life only to falter back to baseline later: goals do not make the foundation of our health. Even "hard work" does not make the foundation of health. Our habits do.

3. You Can Beat Pain.

There is plenty of evidence to back up this approach of making a tiny lifestyle or habit shift that can have a lifelong beneficial effect on someone. The emerging research on pain science since I completed my doctorate shows that pain lasting longer than a few days or a week (the primary reason a patient comes to see me) is always multifactorial: related to stress levels, social connection, and so many daily contributing habitual factors other than pure biomechanics. 

Even within biomechanics, we have habits: always leaning to the same side on the couch or office chair, or standing with the weight more on one foot than the other. Naming these activities as habits empowers us to create a roadmap to change them.

4. Small Changes Create Huge Impact.

Many people in pain can feel defeated. 

Many of us who dream big and have massive goals can feel defeated when these dreams don't "manifest." But the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. 

I hope you take a moment to consider where your daily habits may not be matching your dreams. Then jot down ideas to integrate simple, sustainable shifts, and hone your days to align with your biggest, most beautiful goals.

If this article inspires you, please check out the following two books, which formed the foundation of my thoughts on this subject:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Ariele is a doctor of physical therapy and long time yoga teacher / practitioner who runs an integrative wellness clinic in Washington, DC as well as Yoga Anatomy Academy, an online continuing education platform. 

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