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Article: The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas

The Light of ChristmasIt’s her sweet rosy cheeks and the way her eyes radiate with the lights on the tree Christmas morning. It’s the smell of dark coffee and hot cinnamon. It’s the shine of affection in your partner’s eyes, a squeeze of the hand. It’s little slippered feet and squeals of joy. There really is something that makes this season feel like magic.

Christmas celebrates the beauty and power of light, and there is no better time for us to draw close and hold fast to its flame than today. As we decorate our homes with twinkling lights, curl up near our fireplaces, and light Advent or Christmas candles, may we allow this light to penetrate our own lives with warmth and radiance. May it be a reminder this Christmas morning that no matter what darkness we confront in our lives, light always wins. Even the smallest flicker of a candle casts away the darkness around it. Light defeats the darkness. Look for the light this Christmas morning - both the tangible and intangible - may it be a flame of hope and peace in your heart.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas filled to the brim with love, light, and a little bit of magic,

the KiraGrace team



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