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Article: Rising Together: Have Hope

Rising Together: Have Hope

Rising Together: Have Hope

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.― Arundhati Roy

Listen. We are descending into quiet. Being thrown into it, really. I hear a sound so striking in its silence that it has displaced us all. It has put us in our place.


We can no longer out run this without collectively slowing down. We can not profit from this without the bottom meticulously falling out. We can not package, sell, or otherwise capitalize on this without paying with our very own lives.

We can no longer be American in the way that we have learned to be:
Consumed with work
Away from our families while saying… family matters.

We can not out run this. The only way to beat this is to stop, now. And still. Some of us may lose.

There can be no screaming match here. If we keep yelling over everything and everybody we will miss it.

So stop. Really really stop. Go read. write. rest. take care. paint. cry. dance. love. sit in the rain. grieve. reconnect to the source of your strength. cook at home. call your elders. Pray. be transformed.

Please stop spinning. Please stop scrambling to be productive in the way that mattered yesterday.
Honor the lessons of yesterday and let everything else about that recent yet distant past fall away.

Something is happening NOW that demands that we are present for it.

If we keep going like nothing is happening. We will miss it.

It- being the world that is coming.

I’ve seen glimpses of it in my dreams.
Beloveds, it gets worse. My God, it does.
We get better. My God, we get better.

And then… hallelujah. glory.

It gets better as we get better.
It gets so much better.

Another world is possible.
We are descending into quiet.


Rising Together: Have Hope


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