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Article: Resources to Liven Up Your Weekend

Resources to Liven Up Your Weekend

Resources to Liven Up Your Weekend

It's time to liven up your weekend routine with some fun & safe ideas that will have you thinking outside the box! Check out these ideas to put a little pep in your step while you stay home:

~ Get your groove on with one of NPR's Tiny Desk concerts and recreate the feeling of a live concert in your own living room

~ Take the next step toward a personal goal by learning a new skill with Coursera

~ Watch the live cam at the San Diego Zoo, which features everything from koalas, to elephants & penguins

~ Take a virtual tour of 12 famous museums and enjoy a cultural and education experience from the comfort of your own home

~ Go fly a kite! Learn how to build a kite & enjoy the outdoors with the family

~ ReadĀ The Best Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated While You're Stuck at HomeĀ from

Check out more resources like this on ourĀ Rising Together page, updated every week!

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