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Something about the fall season makes me crave consistency and stability. Maybe it’s the fact that for so much of my life, September has signified the start of a new school year. Maybe it’s the organized Virgo energy in the air. Most likely, I’ve just had my fill of the unpredictable summer lifestyle. Whatever the reason, fall seems to be the perfect time to find balance again.

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One of my personal favorite ways to rebuild consistency is by creating a system of morning rituals. Now, I am a morning person by nature. I like to wake up early and I'm the most productive in the early hours of the day. Therefore, a morning ritual practice makes sense for me. If doing extra in the morning sounds miserable to you, then your rituals might take place in the evening before you go to sleep or during a midday lunch break. The key to creating effective daily rituals is to find a time when you can and will commit to their practice.

Pause for a moment and consider what daily rituals already exist in your life.

Do you participate in these rituals because you have to or because you want to?

How do these rituals make you feel? Do they bring you joy, grounding, and calm or do they bring you worry and stress?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “OK, but HOW do you actually make a ritual practice?!” Here is the formula I’ve created and love to follow anytime I’m building a new series of rituals.

Step 1: Figure on your WHY

What are you craving in your life right now? Inspiration, energy, grounding, communication, inner peace, a shift from your current, “regular” existence? To build a beneficial series of rituals, you must first understand the purpose of your practice.

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Step 2: Choose a time and space

When and where can you realistically commit to this practice?

Pro tip: Keep your choices simple. This is usually the most effective and joyful solution.

Step 3: What’s the what?

What actions will help you answer the why you decided upon in step 1? Simple and achievable is a great way to start. For reference, one of my favorite morning rituals is simply making my cup of coffee. Every day when I make my coffee, I do it thoughtfully and I take my time. I let myself move slowly because I know that the rest of my day will be full of hustle and rush.

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Step 4: Calendar and Commit

Whether you plug it into your google calendar or color code it in your agenda book like me, physically scheduling your ritual practice into your day sends a signal to your brain that it is important and worthy of your time.

Step 5: Observe

Observe your life as you embark on the journey of living your rituals. Whether a profound change takes place or not, you are certain to discover new or forgotten revelations about your inner desires. 

Step 6: Dress cozy as you take on the day in comfort

Take on your day dressing in looks that make you feel the most confident. This time of year a cozy versatile look will have you feeling stylish without the sacrifice of comfort. 


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