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Article: Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower
elena brower

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

What is an empowering woman? She is defined by attributes such as strong, courageous, genuine, and influential. But when you look up the actual definition of 'empower,' it means to make someone else stronger and more confident; to give power to another. That is what an empowering woman does above all else - she instills power, strength, and confidence in others.

We are surrounded by so many incredible woman at KiraGrace, and we want to share a piece of their stories and characters with YOU in the hope that they will empower you the same way they've done for us. We will be highlighting different women who inspire us, challenge stereotypes, and are just, well, fabulous! 

What better time than Mother's day to present the third issue of our empowering women series with someone near and dear to the KiraGrace Community with the gentlest and gracious mama spirit! Our Global Ambassador Elena Brower is one of the most inspiring and truly transcendent yoga and life teachers, and we are blessed to know and love her!

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

Elena is a devoted mother, expert yoga teacher, inspirational speaker, admired author, and doTERRA Presidential Diamond leader. Her teaching has been influenced by many yoga traditions, but her expertise lies in offering practices that approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. She is praised for using her authentic voice to create a path that allows her students to become their more illuminated self through the alignment of the body, mind and soul.

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

Elena has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, and has studied with many master yoga teachers, including Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Hari Kaur. She has written two respected books: Art of Attention, which has been ranked number one in design on Amazon and translated into six languages, and Practice You: A Journal, a guidebook to self-discovery, which has received rave reviews from yogis, therapists, psychologists, authors, and celebrities alike. With consistent creative contributions to YogaJournal, Yoga International, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Well and Good NYC, and Positively Positive, Elena has earned esteem as a leading resource for all things yoga.

Goddess Luxe Halter in Ruby

You can practice yoga virtually with Elena at YogaGlo, as well as improve your introspection through her audio meditation courses at Art of Attention. We were lucky enough to delve into Elena’s mind and learn more about her story with some deeper questions.

KG - When did you first feel your calling to be a spiritual guide?

EB - I am not certain if I've ever felt that...(smiling). I've always just found a facility for teaching and sharing what feels good to me.

KG - How has motherhood changed your outlook in life?

EB - Priorities have shifted; I'm deeply grateful for the chance I've had to usher a constructive, creative being into the world.

KG - You have such an artist's eye for beauty and design. What has developed this talent and how does it play into your life as a yoga teacher and spiritual guide?

EB -My Mama always nurtured the artist in me, buying me any supplies she could. Most memorable were my drafting board and my art case. I remember feeling as though I had purpose when I was creating as a child. Today art keeps me grounded and connected - both to myself and to a much more elaborate universal design.

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

KG - What do you want you students to take away from their practice with you?

EB - Peace with yourself. A joyful, limitless peace.

KG - What has challenged you the most in your life?

EB - Sorting out the death of my Mom. Missing her every single day.

KG - What is an essential part of your day?

EB - Morning and afternoon meditations.

Empowering Women Series: Ambassador Elena Brower

KG - What role does doTERRA Essential Oils play in your lifestyle? What is your favorite Essential Oil?

EB - As a leader of a global team of educators with doTERRA, helping families all over the world learn and experience natural solutions for their health care is now a priority for me. Rather than waiting to become ill and seek treatment,  millions of households are reinvigorating their connection to nature in order to practice proactive, daily medical care through doTERRA. Educating myself and others about each plant's specific properties and benefits to our lives has given me a new focus. Empowering colleagues and friends to create businesses collaboratively has significantly elevated my understanding of what's possible -  for all of us.


Thank you Elena!


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