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Article: 5 Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother's Day

5 Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother's Day

5 Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother's Day

It's time to recognize and celebrate the women who have the hardest and most important jobs in the world: mothers. Now is the time to praise not only our biological mothers, but all women who are mothering children through these challenging changes to our world. We've put together five perfect ways to show the moms in your life how much they mean to you.

1. Give Her a Day of Relaxation


Give her a spa day at home to rest and recharge! Draw a warm bath with essential oils, make her favorite tea and light some candles to create a space in which she can truly relax. If you're apart, send her some a box of goodies that includes scented soaps, bath soaks, face masks and cozy slippers. She'll be so grateful to slow down and check in with herself, all because of your thoughtfulness!

2. Cook Her Favorite Dinner


There's nothing better than having your favorite meal, especially when someone else cooks it for you! Pick up all those special ingredients you need to create that delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner that will make her want seconds. Not in the same area? See if her favorite local restaurant can deliver a delicious meal to her doorstep. She'll be so grateful not to have to do the dishes!

3. Create a Playlist with Her Favorite Songs


Give her something to listen to all day long, with all of the songs that remind you of her. This is perfect for anyone separated by distance, as it's something that shows you spent time thinking about her.

4. Enjoy the great outdoors responsibly


Get outside together, even if it's six feet apart! Take a long stroll through the neighborhood, hike along your local hillsides, or take a leisurely bike ride through your town. Enjoy some time catching up on all the little things. Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy quality time spent together in the great outdoors.

5. Send Her Flowers

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Flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up her Mother's Day, as they bring some much needed color to the room that she is spending all of her time in. Pick some up on your essential grocery run, support a local florist working from home, or gather some new pieces from our gorgeous Botanica Collection! Our new floral activewear will bring your mother a breath of fresh air and help to liven up her at-home look.